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About Us

The Manitoba Farm Writers and Farm Broadcasters Association (MFWBA) brings together journalists, broadcasters and communicators with a specialization in agriculture from across Manitoba for personal and professional development.

Our members are news editors and reporters, while others work for commodity groups, industry groups, and in agribusiness. Others are freelance writers and editors, serving a variety of clients. All of our members are passionate about Canadian agriculture and telling a fair and balanced story of Canadian agriculture. The MFWBA is a part of the Canadian Farm Writers Federation (CFWF). The CFWF serves the common interests of agricultural journalists, including reporters, editors and broadcasters as well as those in business and government whose primary responsibility is agricultural communications.

2022-23 Board of Directors

Ashley Robinson Seed World Group


Gail Granger Gail Granger Communications


Joey Dearborn Manitoba Pork & Amanda Thorsteinsson Canadian Foodgrains Bank

Communication co-chairs

Ed White Western Producer

Toban Dyck 



The formation of the Canadian Farm Writers Federation and the provincial associations began with a meeting in Edmonton in June 1955, involving Tom Leach of CBC, Dick Beamish of the Western Producer, Jack Cram of the Family Herald, Frank Jacobs of Canadian Cattlemen, and Don Baron of the Country Guide. Nothing official was done at this informal session, but the decision was made to encourage the development of provincial organizations and a national federation of such groups.

Manitoba was the first group to formally organize. The formative meeting was held on February 29, 1956, in a CBC Winnipeg studio. Lionel Moore of CBC was elected president and other board members included Richard Cobb, Elva Fletcher, Harry Halliwell and Jack Cram. That year was a year of much organizing for farm writers — Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and the Eastern Sector all rose to the challenge.

The national group took shape that year, as well. It happened in Toronto on November 10, 1956. About 30 farm writers attended a meeting and dealt with the formalities necessary for a national federation of groups. Dick Beamish of the Western Producer became the first president of the national group.

From the start, the provincial and national organizations were set up to enhance information services to the agriculture industry, to enhance the professional competence of those involved and to maintain a fraternal relationship amongst those involved in this profession. These aims have been maintained with considerable effort, especially by those who chose to take an active part in planning, organizing, and carrying out almost half a century of programming.