Tour 1: Changing landscape


Manitoba Beef and Forage Initiatives

Climb aboard for an early start. You will be going where no CFWF tour has gone before: scenic Western Manitoba. This group will explore the connections between a healthy beef sector, protecting endangered species and sustainable economic development. You’ve heard it said beef is bad. We say it ain’t the cow, it’s the how. The Prairies have been grazed by ruminants for thousands of years, and play an important function in this ecosystem.

We’ll visit the Manitoba Bull Test Station, a facility that supports commercial cattle producers through the rigorous selection of genetically superior breeding stock. Then we’ll head over to SG&R Farms Inc. near Forrest where third-generation operators Ryan and Sarah Boyd are putting the theories behind regenerative soil management to work.

We’ll have lunch and a tour at the Manitoba Beef and Forage Initiative Research Farm, a unique public-private collaboration that explores the common ground between benefiting valuable ecosystems, improving producer profitability and building social awareness around the beef and forage industry.

We’ll convene in Portage la Prairie to meet up with the other tours in time for delicious dinner on “the island.”


Tour 2: Changing faces


Farmery Estate Brewery

This tour will begin with an early trek west down the Trans-Canada Highway for a first-hand look at the contribution of temporary foreign workers and the importance of succession planning on Connery’s vegetable farm near Portage la Prairie. If the timing works out, harvest should be in full swing. We’ll hop back on the bus and head up the Yellowhead Highway toward Neepawa where we’ll enjoy a beverage, some food and a tour of the Farmery Estate Brewery — Canada’s first estate brewery — before learning how one of Canada’s largest hog processing facilities — HyLife Foods — has changed the face of the area by helping thousands of new Canadians establish themselves as permanent residents in western Manitoba.

We’ll convene in Portage la Prairie to meet up with the other tours in time for delicious dinner on a “the island.”


Tour 3: Changing diets

Richardson Centre

The Richardson Centre for Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals

Winnipeg is home to several world-class research facilities exploring the interface between what we grow, how we eat and how healthy we feel. This tour will explore the leading nutrition and food research that is taking place in and around Winnipeg and how modern technology such as vertical farming can be used to improve human health in isolated northern communities. On the way to Portage la Prairie to meet the other tours for dinner, we’ll stop at a former car museum in St. Francis Xavier that combines bitcoin mining, fish farming, and indoor vegetable production.

We’ll convene in Portage la Prairie in time for delicious dinner on the “the island.”


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