Hermetic Code Tour of the Manitoba Legislative Building


Photo: Heartland Travel

Have you ever wondered why the Manitoba Legislative Building has sphinxes on the roof? Do you know the true identity of the Golden Boy? Join us for an unforgettable tour of magic, mystery and architectural wonder. Meet inside the Manitoba Legislative Building and begin to unlock mysteries of Canada’s most unique architectural landmark. Your tour guide will take you along step-by-step to reveal a trail of occult clues concealed in the building’s architecture including: hidden hieroglyphic inscriptions, numerological codes, and Freemasonic symbols so intelligently masked they have escaped historians and visitors for nearly a hundred years.


CANCELLED due to limited interest:

Journey to Churchill at the Assiniboine Park Zoo


Photo: Assiniboine Park

Your journey starts in the Wapusk Lowlands where you will see wolves, black bears, and grey wolves. The next stop on your journey will be the Gateway to the Arctic. Head inside a 10 ft acrylic tunnel and be surrounded by polar bears and seals. The large swimming area provides physical exercise and a place to frolic and dart between the ice chunks. With only a clear wall bisecting the two species habitats, the polar bears and seals see and smell each other, creating a dynamic and enriching environment. This interaction between the seals and polar bears will be part of what puts this exhibit at the forefront of arctic zoo experiences. You will then discover the Churchill Coast as the facade will make you feel as though you are actually transported to the town of Churchill. The landscape will include rocks, bear dens, and here is where you can encounter polar bears “nose to nose.”


Exchange District walking tour and MacDon Industries tour
How agriculture helped build Winnipeg


Photo: Gordon Goldsborough (Manitoba Historical Society)

Discover, through the magnificent buildings in the Exchange District, the important role agriculture had in Winnipeg’s development – and how it still influences the city. Find out how the Exchange District got its name and the role of agriculture in shaping the Portage and Main area. The walking tour is one hour in length, leaving from The Fort Garry Hotel and provided courtesy of Keystone Agricultural Producers. After the walking tour, you will board a bus and travel to MacDon Industries, a family owned and Canadian based manufacturer of harvesting equipment with over sixty years of experience in agricultural machinery innovation. There you will get a firsthand tour of MacDon’s state of the art manufacturing facility in Winnipeg, which occupies over 835,000 square feet (77,571 square meters) of building space on more than 87 acres (35.2 hectares) of land.

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