Thursday, September 20, 2018

CFWF participants arriving early have a choice of three pre-tour options.


  • Hermetic code tour of the Winnipeg Legislative Building
  • Journey to Churchill at the Assiniboine Park Zoo
  • Exchange District walking tour and MacDon Industries tour

Opening reception

Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR)

The conference opens beneath the sunshine of a glass cloud inside Canada’s most beautiful new building – soon to be pictured on our new $10 bill! An architectural marvel that has dramatically altered the skyline of Winnipeg, the CMHR is the only national museum of Canada located west of Ottawa. Visitors embark on an inspiring journey from darkness to light, exploring global human rights stories through a uniquely Canadian lens. Enjoy appetizers, drinks and welcome remarks in the Stuart Clark Garden of Contemplation, a peaceful oasis full of basalt rock columns, pools of water and greenery next to a towering cliff of 400-million-year-old Manitoba Tyndall Stone. Guided tours of the galleries will follow.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Participants will explore one of three tours highlighting agriculture in Manitoba.

Tour options

  • Changing Landscape – All aboard for scenic Western Manitoba, where we will explore the connections between a healthy beef sector, protecting endangered species and sustainable economic development.
  • Changing Faces – Succession planning, women in agriculture and how temporary foreign workers, and new Canadians are helping diversify this province’s economy against the backdrop of the vegetable harvest in full swing. A visit to the Farmery Estate Brewery and HyLife Foods in Neepawa.
  • Changing Diets – How world-class research taking place in Manitoba is exploring the interface between what we grow, how we eat and how healthy we feel. New technologies, new foods, new ingredients and their impact on nutrition; and a stop at an operation that combines bitcoin mining, fish farming, and indoor vegetable production.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Settle in for a day of thought provoking professional development followed by the CFWF Awards Banquet where we’ll close out the conference by dancing the night away to the GMOs.

Saturday program

The Changing Face(S) of Agriculture – New Trends and New Communication Tools

How much do we really know about the farmers we’re trying to reach and how they get their information? The answers can be surprising. Our Saturday program will take a deep dive into the trends, as well as the information sources we can use to track and report on these changes. We’ll also look at new forms of communication made possible by new media tools.

Changes on the farm: what the data tells us

The Census of Agriculture tells us a lot more than just that farms are getting fewer and larger. A speaker from Statistics Canada will tell us what the census reveals about shifts in the farm population and the types of farms they own and manage.

Tapping into the trends: StatsCan data tools

The CANSIM database contains a wealth of agricultural information – more than most of us realize. A StatsCan speaker will show us how to find that information, including some of the less well-known data sources.

Shifts in information consumption

For the first time, Canadian data has been included in the bi-annual Agri-Media Council report on where and how farmers get their information. We’ll hear a review of all the sources, ranging from newspapers and magazines through online sources, radio and TV and local dealerships.

Changing climate: making the data meaningful

The explosion in soybean acreage west of Ontario is just one sign of how climate change is affecting Prairie agriculture. A speaker from the Prairie Climate Centre will walk us through the Prairie Climate Atlas, a new interactive online tool that distills data into demonstrations of how climate changes will affect agriculture and the entire Prairie economy. The Atlas is a case study of how new and traditional media tools can make complex scientific information more engaging and accessible to a wide range of audiences.

How VR and AR are changing our world

Step through the looking glass with us as we explore the amazing possibilities of virtual reality and augmented reality for publishing, marketing and training. The future may be closer than you think – particularly here in Winnipeg, where new media entrepreneurs are flourishing. We’ll learn how VR and AR can help us interact with audiences like never before. Then we’ll have the opportunity to put on the headsets and experience the power of this new technology first-hand.


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